Wednesday, 16 March 2011


First published on the 25th of February 2011, this was documenting the heartbreak after the love malarkey of Valentine. Its a painful thing to be heart broken, and its equally as bad to see someone going through it. You want to gather them in your arms and put them together, even if you saw the disaster coming and you had warned them. Well, here it is, sharing a shattered heart with a friend.

I heard your heart broke last night.

Its noise drew me. I’m here today

to hold tissues against your chest to

staunch the pain and failing miserably.

Rock, rock, rocking with disbelief

Your pain is palpable. Its echo hits

my skin, I shiver in sympathy.

What does one say to the broken hearted

that could possibly ease their pain?

Shake, shake, shaking with shock

It’s an ugly sight; its scar will be jagged

but, you and I will learn lessons,

you, by feeling and I by sight, to

never trust a heart to a laughing man.

Cry, cry, crying with pain

I heard your heart break and like in a multiple

collision, mine, hairline-cracked in response.

I am here holding your chest catching up

the pain, as in response, my heart pulses with grief.


Tuesday, 15 March 2011


March is the month of moving on. Its the time to get into things and live, so many poems that will be on this month will be in that trend. Wishing you progress as you go on.


You stare down into your glass

Willing your stubborn tears could

Flow down, mingle with your wine

Brand you by one assured name:

A fool. As you watch my back leave

Held gently by arms which could

Have been yours.

I’m not looking back

There’s nothing to see, I am

Nestling in the rest of him who

Put me first. Why soil such clean

Ecstasy with reminders of how

I had to stand further back in line

Of your life, while you lived rapturously

Assuming I would always be on stand by


When I stared into my glass of gloom

Another wiped my tears, whispered in

My ears, pulled me away to a place where

I always come first.

I wonder why I waited around so long

What exactly was it I was hoping for?

Today we meet again, when you

Realised I had left that stagnant line and

You suddenly realised you could have

Been the one, I nestled close to

With your sodden eyes, I am

Not enticed. Hope you enjoy your wine.