Sunday, 28 July 2013

No! You will NOT steal Our daughters' rights

I was looking for a link for soft bones when I happened to come across a video made by Stella Damascus, a Nigerian actress who has turned her attentions to issues of injustice and the abuse of power in the Nigerian government and its relationship with her citizens. I switched on the video and was consequently appalled by the subject to which she was raising her voice in protest and the more I listened, the more powerful was the need I felt for me to join my voice in outrage with Stella and every self respecting person, woman, young lady, teenage girl and persons who were doing the same, for our outrage was not for the lack of where to expend our energies but an honest response to the nonsensical unbelievable blatant attack on the defenceless young female child of Nigeria.

And we all know that if we keep quiet on this issue, then we have basically metaphorically packed the bags of young girls who haven't developed physically, who are innocent in the ways of men, who lack any understanding  of the emotion of love outside that of parents , siblings and in some cases extended families and handed them over together with these girls to sex crazed, paedophilic twisted monsters who do not deserve to be called men for real men don't want children in their beds but real women, matured, fully developed and well versed in the act and art of love, loving and its making. They also do not deserve to be called animals for they also give the majority of this genre a bad name, so we shall call them only that which they truly are-monsters.

This news of members of the house of senate in Nigeria sitting down to discuss , yes you have read right, they sat down to discuss and deliberate on  making  the marriage of young girls, young girls meaning from as little as 9 years old upwards legal. I will ask you to take a moment to let this news sink by reading the above two lines over again for maybe ten times? Please look up this link to read the entire crazy story
Who can imagine that in this modern world, grown ass men who may have travelled around the world and who may have young daughters of their own would sit to vote that the raping and destruction of a girl's childhood be made legal?!

How are we to stand up and hold our heads high as a nation when we come from a country whose government says paedophiles are not only welcome but they are safe to look, touch and do unmentionable, unthinkable things  to young female children, things that even full grown , sexually active women would balk at? How? It is ironic that as the UK had made moves to close down loop holes and windows that these monsters still use to try and practice their twisted ways; Nigeria flings her gates wide open and declares a banquet,   handing out putrid tickets declaring a buffet! I am deeply ashamed.

Again, difficult as it is to be a Nigerian in diaspora with every vice we've got going on (let's be honest, we're the butt of every comedian's internet fraud joke), our government then decides to drop in another hot potato we can add to the ones we juggle daily trying to prove to the world and ourselves that we are not the norm but the exception. I am so ashamed and agree that every so called mother who is part of these senators, legislators, governing body, whatever they want to call it and is in the corridor or political power and yet allowed this abomination to happen under their noses should snatch off their head-ties and hang their heads in shame, then they should be clean shaven and have their young daughters taken away from them for they have shown with their inability to protect the nation's daughters, that they are unfit to raise and protect their own (and if any was harbouring plans of whisking them abroad to 'protect' them, then they too will experience the helplessness that the average Mrs faces) I spit on them and spit on the men legislators through whom further shame has been brought down on Nigeria's name.

Did they really think they could sneak that bill right behind us and we would only suddenly discover it one unfortunate day? Money  or is it power must really make a man mad! How the matter even became something that came up for debate amongst the numerous disasters going on in our country, defies all common sense! And that the president did not think that this was something to say ' No way ! not on my watch will this happen and that is final' (common, he said something to that point when it was suggested that he  should declare his expenses, so why not this?).

And please don't get me started on his bumbling mess of a over self inflated wife! She is always so quick to add her miscounted, misspelt and mispronounced two pence into every matter discussed in the country irrespective of if she needed to or not. So why has she not spoken up? Has she come up with no change? Or has the proverbial caught her tongue or has she suddenly gotten a severe case of laryngitis and lost her voice completely? Personally, I had always been ashamed of her and her farcical bumbling about mashing up the English language like a bull in a china shop, However now, I am doubling so and wish she would wrap her head in one of those ridiculous head-ties of hers and hopefully walk slap bang into a very hard concrete wall.

Somewhere somehow, the government has tried to pass this off as a religious thing but they seem to forget that Nigeria is not a religious state, therefore it is not a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or African traditionalist country. In Nigeria, everyone are free to practice whatever religion they so please freely though it seems that a certain group which is not representative of the general larger group and some members of the senate did not get that particular memo. God has not and did not sanction the abuse of a 9 years and upwards girl child for the gratification of some smelly old 60 upward old fart! So those lawmakers who are trying to force the perceived notion of God's agenda for the absolute enjoyment of man especially at the expense of girl and woman, need to know that the majority will not take on the delusions of the minority. Our rights to freedom of worship or the lack thereof was won by blood and daily many still shed blood for that right because we still say no, we will not be forced into a situation just to make some illiterate, backward hillbillies happy. So shame on the lawmakers who tried to make this barbaric action a religious one. May God in all his collective identities rain His wrath on you.

I stand together with Stella Damascus and say 'shame on you all for saying our daughters' young bodies should be your profane playing ground! Shame on you all!